Life as art

Art as pilgrimage

I want to touch people’s hearts and open their eyes to the beauty in life. I grew up as one of nine children in a small midwestern town. My dreams were always big. They still are! Singing and songwriting were my first creative ventures. I was a professional singer for ten years and charted in the Country Top One Hundred. As often happens, life interrupted that path requiring my attention in other areas. The road opened in new directions. I was blessed with the ability to enjoy successful years in business. My passions waited in the margins. After selling my home in 2012, I travelled for a year as I waited for my artist loft to become available. On the road, I resumed writing and painting as well as honing skills in photography. By the time I landed in my new space, I was well immersed in my artistic nature. Though I started writing on the road, I didn’t seriously take on the creation of my novel until 2019. Freefalling, a Novel of Senior Romance was finished at the end of 2021. It was released on February 14, 2023. Blessed with time and perspective, I’ve brought a unique viewpoint to my art. I think of myself as a storyteller and a light chaser. Sunsets are the sweet spot of my photography. People with years of experience and emotional depth inspire the characters in my stories. Romance, love, and reality blend with life’s messy parts transforming into powerful novels of lives enjoyed through the senior years.