I planned to chat with you regularly but launching my book has taken more time than I planned. I’ve experienced learning curves. At times it’s been challenging, yet there have been victories. On EmeSpirit.com you can see the podcasts I’ve done and read reviews that have come in from Mary Ann Grossman at the St. Paul Pioneer Press and national reviewers. That’s been exciting! Truly thrilling though are the reviews you have left on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other sites. Many kind words… Thank you!

It’s been six weeks since Freefalling, a Novel of Senior Romance officially hit the market. Within two days more than 250 copies were sold. Now we’re over 300! I’m challenged to find new ways to market the book. Besides sharing the information with friends on social media, I’ve seen some activity at ground level as people finish the story and tell their friends about the book. That’s exciting! Let’s keep momentum going. I’m open to meeting with book clubs on Zoom or in person if possible. Book tours are in my plans. Ideally, a trip out of town would include radio, TV, and press in addition to appearances. Podcasts are another great way to share the word about people over 50 staying in the light. My chats are conversations about accepting our limitations and choosing to enjoy senior years to our very last breath. Many have been invigorated by my enthusiasm.

Keep me posted if you know anyone who can open doors to publicity or other opportunities. I’m excited to hit the road! In the meantime, I’ve compartmentalized my time so that I can resume writing Reconfigured Dreams. It’s time for me to trust that a power greater than me will carry the message.

Blessings to you!