It’s hard to believe that five months ago Freefalling, a Novel of Senior Romance was launched on Valentine’s Day. After years of writing and preparing the book for market, I thought I was ready for the flurry ahead. It’s been thrilling and humbling. I’ve learned a lot. At the end of the day, my real joy is visiting with people about the story. By using Freefalling as an example of living joy amidst the challenges in life, I intend to inspire others to creatively embrace the later chapters of our story. The seeds of who we truly are continue to the end.

I encourage us to ignore the labels and limitations given by others as we age. It is our choice to see our new versions of beauty and continue to embrace our sensual selves. Whether connecting with a partner, soaking in a bubble bath, buying flowers, lighting candles– we can enjoy sensual beauty in each day. That life energy is part of what keeps vitality and joy amidst challenges along the way. As our bodies age, we will have obstacles. Let’s do all we can to enjoy the time we have. Live joy to our last breath.

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